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princekanou said: LOUD SAD WAAILING I MISS U

Halloween seems so far away right now waaaah!! ;__;

Most of my friends live in upstate New York. My other one lives near me but our schedules never line up. I’m lonely and sad and just want to be where the people are…

I have this terrible fucking habit that a gnaw on the inside of my cheek while playing video games. It fucking hurts but I can’t /stop/

I want to start drawing again seriously…I’ve decided I’ll get over my hump of not being able to draw anime characters/tv show characters and really work at it cause I think I want to have booths at anime conventions.


let hannibal lecter motivate you

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I could listen to this forever and never get bored

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everyone’s favorite apocalypse kids amirite

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tinybro said: i hit you out of love

It felt a lot like not love. Like the opposite of love. Like pain and despair.

I remember this one time I told Kelly I didn’t like Avatar she smacked me like really fucking hard.

A customer today almost did the same when I said I didn’t like Legend of Kora…

me at an anime convention in full cosplay:

look at all these fucking NERDS